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Vaudoun Day

Vaudoun Day 2021 and 2022 in Benin

Vaudoun Day, also called Traditional Religions Day, is a public holiday in Benin. It is dedicated to celebrating the native-African religion of Vaudoun.

202110 JanSunVaudoun Day
202210 JanMonVaudoun Day

Every 10 January, celebrations break out all over Benin, but especially in the city of Ouidah. A goat is slaughtered to honour the spirits as the festival commences. Then there is a motley and colourful arrangement of song, dance, parades, drinking, feasting, and general merriment.

Since Vaudoun gained official status as a religion and a special day was created to celebrate it, it has attracted many new converts and a host of tourists who come to see the religious and cultural events in Ouidah every 10 January.