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Sir Seretse Khama Day

Sir Seretse Khama Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Botswana

Every 1 July is Sir Seretse Khama Day in Botswana. To celebrate the life and achievements of Botswana’s first president. The date of the public holiday is Seretse Khama’s birth date.

20241 JulMonSir Seretse Khama Day
20251 JulTueSir Seretse Khama Day
20261 JulWedSir Seretse Khama Day
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Seretse Khama was born on 1 July, 1921, to the royal household of the Bamangwatos. He officially became king at the meager age of four, upon his father’s death; but his uncle ruled as regent at first. Later, Seretse studied abroad, married a British lady, and returned home to start up and lead an independence movement in Botswana.

After independence, he became the new nation’s first president and ruled from 1966 to 1980. Under his policies, Botswana’s economy was greatly improved. In fact, when he first became president, Botswana was among the poorest countries on the planet, but he helped it become one of the fastest-growing of all the world’s economies.

Low and predictable tax rates were one key component of President Khama’s policies, but he also heavily invested tax revenue in improving healthcare, education, and transportation in Botswana. And he also freed up trade, while clamping down on corruption.

Sir Seretse Khama Day is a time when the people of Botswana remember their first and greatest president and seek to recapture his vision for a stronger, more prosperous Botswana.

Previous Years

20231 JulSatSir Seretse Khama Day
20221 JulFriSir Seretse Khama Day