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President Ntaryamira Day

President Ntaryamira Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Burundi

Burundi celebrates President Ntaryamira Day every 6 April to remember the Democratic reforms and tragic death of former Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira.

20246 AprSatPresident Ntaryamira Day
20256 AprSunPresident Ntaryamira Day
7 AprMonPresident Ntaryamira Day Holiday
20266 AprMonPresident Ntaryamira Day
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Ntaryamira helped found Front For Democracy, a political party that fought for and achieved the holding of a truly democratic election in Burundi in 1993. However, when Hutus won the election and thus threatened the power of the ruling Tutsis, the victor (President Ndadye) was assassinated after only three months in office.

At that point, Ntaryamira (also Hutu) became president. At first, things seemed to go well enough as Ntaryamira was thought of as a “moderate reformer”. But on 6 April 1994, the plane he was flying in was shot down, killing him and also the Rwandan president who was on board.

A horrible genocide followed the death of the two Hutu presidents. Revenge and hatred boiled over and became uncontrollable.

On 6 April, the people of Burundi remember one of their most beloved past presidents and his tragic death. They also ponder the events of the genocide and how to prevent such atrocities in the future.

Previous Years

20236 AprThuPresident Ntaryamira Day
20226 AprWedPresident Ntaryamira Day
20216 AprTuePresident Ntaryamira Day
20206 AprMonPresident Ntaryamira Day
20196 AprSatPresident Ntaryamira Day
20186 AprFriPresident Ntaryamira Day
20176 AprThuPresident Ntaryamira Day