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New Year's Day
Cape Verde

New Year’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Cape Verde

New Year’s Day is a holiday in Cape Verde as part of celebrations that start on New Year’s Eve and reach a high point with the turning of the clock from 11:59pm on 31 December to midnight on 1 January.

20241 JanMonNew Year's Day
20251 JanWedNew Year's Day
20261 JanThuNew Year's Day
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New Year’s Day is a time of resolutions and starting fresh for some, while for others it is spent recovering from a big, late night spent with friends and family.

Cape Verde has a reputation for extravagant partying, much in the style of Brazilian Mardi Gras and the like, and in Cape Verde, New Year’s Eve is when one of the biggest party fests of the year takes place.

You can see gigantic fireworks shows put on and find over-the-top festive dinners served for New Year’s at hotels and resorts all over Cape Verde. Many dance all night to local music after spending the day at the beach. The weather is reliably sunny and clear in Cape Verde in December and early January.

The city of Mindelo is especially popular and packed around New Year’s Eve. Avenida Marginal is the traditional place to watch the clock hit 12 in Mindelo. Many also take a leap into the ocean, enjoy the band and fireworks, and stay up all night to celebrate.

Previous Years

20231 JanSunNew Year's Day
20221 JanSatNew Year's Day
20211 JanFriNew Year's Day
20201 JanWedNew Year's Day
20191 JanTueNew Year's Day
20181 JanMonNew Year's Day
20171 JanSunNew Year's Day