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Barthelemy Boganda Day
Central African Republic

Barthelemy Boganda Day 2025 and 2026 in Central African Republic

Every 29 March is Barthelemy Boganda Day in the Central African Republic. The holiday is also called simply “Boganda Day” for short. This holiday solemnly commemorates the death anniversary of the nation’s first prime minister and founding father.

202529 MarSatBarthelemy Boganda Day
202629 MarSunBarthelemy Boganda Day
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Boganda was born in 1910 and adopted by Roman Catholic missionaries after his mother and father died while he was very young. Later, he grew up and became a Catholic priest. In 1946, he won an election to represent the Central African Republic in the French Assembly, and he used this position to speak up for the rights of his people back home.

When his homeland gained relative autonomy within the French overseas empire, it was Boganda who became its first prime minister. Later, he led in crafting a new constitution and in fighting for full independence. Sadly, he died in a plane crash just before the Central African Republic gained independence from France. Today, he is considered the country’s founding father and a great hero of the nation. His death day is commemorated each year in a solemn, patriotic manner.

Previous Years

202429 MarFriBarthelemy Boganda Day
202329 MarWedBarthelemy Boganda Day