Prayer Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Central African Republic

Prayer Day is a national holiday in the Central African Republic. It is observed every 30 June by various faiths in the country, although 90 percent are Christian.

202330 JunFriPrayer Day
202430 JunSunPrayer Day
202530 JunMonPrayer Day
202630 JunTuePrayer Day
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There are several purposes for Prayer Day in the Central African Republic. First of all, the poverty, conflict, and long history of political oppression in this part of the world is a constant call for prayer. Second, there is the need to give thanks to God for the blessings the peopledo enjoy. Third, there is the desire that people can put their differences aside for one day a year and prayer for the good of the country and for each other.

Many churches have special services for Prayer Day, and there is normally a special program or liturgy for the occasion. Public prayer meetings and private prayer both are encouraged this time of year.

Previous Years

202230 JunThuPrayer Day
202130 JunWedPrayer Day
202030 JunTuePrayer Day
201930 JunSunPrayer Day
201830 JunSatPrayer Day