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Easter 2025 and 2026 in Chad

Easter is regarded as the most important of holy days by Christians, and Easter in Chad is celebrated with a holiday on the Monday after Easter Sunday.

202521 AprMonEaster Monday
20266 AprMonEaster Monday
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The date of Easter changes each year based on the centuries-old calculations that determine the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar. This means that the date of Easter Sunday can be anytime between 22 March and 25 April.

In Chad, around a third of the population are Christian, most of them living in the southern and western portions of the country, and Easter is a holiday much anticipated by believers.

On Easter Sunday, there will be special programs and services held at churches of all denominations and at missions centres as well. At some churches, a big lunch and fellowship time takes place right after the service. On Easter Monday, people don’t do much. They just relax at home, and many businesses remain closed until Tuesday.

Previous Years

20241 AprMonEaster Monday
202310 AprMonEaster Monday