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Freedom and Democracy Day

Freedom and Democracy Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Chad

Every 1 December is Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad, in commemoration of the day in 1990 when dictator Hissene Habre fell from power and democratic rule was restored to the country.

20241 DecSunFreedom and Democracy Day
2 DecMonFreedom and Democracy Holiday
20251 DecMonFreedom and Democracy Day
20261 DecTueFreedom and Democracy Day
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In 1982, Hissene Habre rose to power and began an eight-year long regime characterised by oppression and abuse of power. He routinely violated the rights of the people, spied on the populace through secret police, and often tortured and killed his opponents.

Finally, in late 1989, a revolt broke out against Habre’s tyrannical rule. By 1 December, 1990, he was overthrown and fled to Senegal to live in exile. The next day, rebel leader Idriss Deby became Chad’s new president.

Previous Years

20231 DecFriFreedom and Democracy Day
20221 DecThuFreedom and Democracy Day