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Independence Day

Independence Day 2020 and 2021 in Chad

August 11 is Independence Day in Chad. This public holiday looks back to the day in 1960 when Chad gained its independence from France.

202011 AugTueIndependence Day
202111 AugWedIndependence Day

French forces first began taking control of what is now Chad in the 1890’s. At first, Chad was not a separate French colony but a part of “Equatorial Africa”. In 1920, it was separated, however.

During the Second World War, Chad stood with Free France instead of with the Vichy puppet state. After the war, Chad was given limited local powers of self-government. In 1946 and 1958, even more powers were granted, but Chad was still not truly independent.

It was only on 11 August, 1960, after a long, undying desire and political effort for independence, that France finally granted Chad full autonomy.