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Republic Day

Republic Day 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Chad

November 28 is Republic Day in Chad to celebrate the time in 1958 when Chad gained “autonomous” status “within the French Community”.

202028 NovSatRepublic Day
202128 NovSunRepublic Day
29 NovMonRepublic Day Holiday
202228 NovMonRepublic Day

This holiday is important in that it commemorates the establishment of a republican form of government and of limited autonomy for Chad. But full independence did not come until 11 August, 1960.

Chad moved gradually toward independence from France, in several stages. The real beginnings of the independence movement was during World War II, when political parties began to emerge in Chad. But nonetheless, Chad remained loyal to Free France rather than taking France’s defeat by Nazi Germany as an opportunity to rebel.

The move to partial autonomy in 1958 came on the heels of a referendum held to that effect. And all of French Equatorial Africa gained this status based on the referendum, not just Chad.