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Independence Day

Independence Day 2020 and 2021 in Comoros

July 6 is Independence Day in Comoros to commemorate the nation’s gaining of its freedom from colonial France back in 1975.

20206 JulMonIndependence Day
20216 JulTueIndependence Day

Comoros is a union of four islands, and the process of France gaining control over these islands was gradual. It began in 1886, at the request of the sultan of the island of Moheli, and culminated in 1908 when all four islands were united under a single French administration. But only four years later, in 1912, Comoros was made a province of French Madagascar.

After World War II, colonies of France and other European powers were rapidly gaining independence all over the world. Comoros also demanded its freedom, along with separation from Madagascar. France allowed a referendum in 1973 and granted Comoros independence in 1975.

But since the island of Mayotte voted against independence, it remained under French rule instead.

Every 6 July, the people of Comoros take time off work to celebrate their country’s independence, history, and culture. They put their patriotism on display and proudly fly their national colours.