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Mouloud 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Comoros

Prophet Muhammad’s birthday is commemorated in Comoros on 12 Rabi’ al-awwal of the Islamic calendar. It is a national holiday in Comoros, a nation that is 99 percent Sunni Muslim.

202415 SepSunMouloud
20254 SepThuMouloud
202625 AugTueMouloud
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Many in Comoros see Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday as more than a celebration of the birth of the “last and greatest prophet”. They also see it as commemorating the birth, or more technically, “revival” of Islam itself.

Buildings both public and private will be decorated festively when Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday arrives. People will also prepare large quantities of food and feast together, while being careful to donate a portion to the needy so they can feast too.

In special mosque services, prayers are recited, and at home, adults read stories of Muhammad’s life out loud to children.

Previous Years

202327 SepWedMouloud
20228 OctSatMouloud
202118 OctMonMouloud
202029 OctThuMouloud
20199 NovSatMouloud
201820 NovTueMouloud
201730 NovThuMouloud