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Freedom Day
Equatorial Guinea

Freedom Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea celebrates “Freedom Day” every 3 August. Freedom Day, also called Armed Forces Day, is meant to commemorate the revolution that broke out in Equatorial Guinea in 1979. This coup led to immediate military rule and greatly impacted the later history of the country.

20243 AugSatFreedom Day
20253 AugSunFreedom Day
4 AugMonFreedom Day Holiday
20263 AugMonFreedom Day
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After gaining its freedom from Spanish rule in 1968, Equatorial Guinea elected Francisco Nguema as president. He, however, soon became a dictator. After only four years in office, he declared he was giving himself a life term as president!

On the third of August in 1979, Nguema was finally overthrown, and he was soon executed for his crimes against the people. The coup resulted in a return to a more democratic way of life, better relations with other nations, the restitution of property that had been seized and “nationalised” under Nguema, and other positive developments. The people of Equatorial Guinea remember this great transition in their nation’s history each year with patriotic celebrations, flag-waving, feasting, parades, and more.

Previous Years

20233 AugThuFreedom Day
20223 AugWedFreedom Day
20213 AugTueFreedom Day
20203 AugMonFreedom Day
20193 AugSatFreedom Day
20183 AugFriFreedom Day
20173 AugThuFreedom Day