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President’s Day
Equatorial Guinea

President’s Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Equatorial Guinea

Every 5 June, the people of Equatorial Guinea celebrate the birthday of their sitting president, Teodoro Obiang, in a national holiday called President’s Day.

20235 JunMonPresident's Day
20245 JunWedPresident's Day
20255 JunThuPresident's Day
20265 JunFriPresident's Day
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President Obiang was born back in 1942, during the Second World War. He got a military education in Spain and became a leader in the Armed Forces. President Nguema was Obiang’s uncle, and Obiang was appointed over the national guard and as the governor of Bioko.

As President Nguema began to fear he would be overthrown, he turned on his own family. He had the brother of Teodoro killed and made the whole extended family fear for their lives. Finally, to end the insanity, Obiang led a military coup against his uncle on 3 August, 1979, and successfully displaced him.

Obiang has held office ever since. His birthday remains a national holiday and no doubt will continue to be so long as he continues to be the president of Equatorial Guinea.

Previous Years

20225 JunSunPresident's Day
6 JunMonPresident's Day Holiday
20215 JunSatPresident's Day
20205 JunFriPresident's Day
20195 JunWedPresident's Day
20185 JunTuePresident's Day
20175 JunMonPresident's Day