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King Father's Birthday

King Father’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Eswatini

The late King Sobhuza II’s birthday falls on 22 July and continues to be commemorated out of respect to the sovereign’s memory. Although he died in 1982, the King Father’s Birthday is kept because of the great importance of Sobhuza II in Eswatini’s history.

202422 JulMonKing Father's Birthday
202522 JulTueKing Father's Birthday
202622 JulWedKing Father's Birthday
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King Sobhuza II reigned for 82 years and oversaw the independence of Eswatini from the UK. A regent ruled during his early years, but he still ruled directly for 61 years.

Immediately after independence, Eswatini had a constitutional monarchy that limited the king’s powers to a degree. But in 1972, Sobhuza sent Eswatini’s parliament home and decided to rule as absolute monarch. He ruled until his death on 21 August, 1982.

Despite taking control as absolute monarch, the people of Eswatini look favourably on King Sobhuza II because he helped the economy to prosper and led in major social changes. He also helped preserve the cultural traditions of his people in the midst of these changes. He is much respected even after his death, and the people remember him as a great Swazi leader every King Father’s Birthday.

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202322 JulSatKing Father's Birthday
202222 JulFriKing Father's Birthday