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Africa Day

Africa Day 2025 and 2026 in Gambia

The Gambia is among several African nations where African Unity Day, also just called Africa Day, is a national public holiday. Despite being the smallest country in Africa, The Gambia celebrates African unity in a big way every 25 May.

202525 MaySunAfrica Day
202625 MayMonAfrica Day
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African Day looks back to the founding of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) on 25 May in 1963. At that time, 30 African nations founded the OAU during a meeting in Ethiopia and committed themselves to the independence and improvement of all African lands, many of which were still under colonial rule. Today, most of the countries of the continent of Africa are member states, but the name has been changed to The African Union.

On Africa Day, people in The Gambia may gather as a family and share a festive meal together. There may also be local cultural events celebrating African peoples, and there will be Africa Day themed programming on TV and radio. People takes time to remember the dream of a peaceful, united Africa and the sacrifices many have made already in working toward that goal.

Previous Years

202425 MaySatAfrica Day
202325 MayThuAfrica Day