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Revolution Day

Revolution Day 2019 and 2020

Revolution Day in Gambia is held every 22 July. Revolution Day looks back to the time in 1994 when a coup overthrew the government and landed Yahya Jammeh in power as president.

201922 JulMonRevolution Day
202022 JulWedRevolution Day

After the colonial period ended, Gambia became an independent state in 1965. But it was a constitutional monarchy for the first five years of its existence, until a republic was formed in 1970. Dawda Jawara then became president and remained as such until the 1994 coup. There was an attempt to overthrow Jawara in 1981 also, but that failed.

Finally, the long “reign” of Jawara ended in a bloodless coup by Jammeh on 22 July, 1994. Later, Jammeh was elected president for four times in a row, and he had the date of the 1994 revolution he led declared a public holiday.

Many in opposing parties dislike Revolution Day since it celebrates an “illegal coup”. Nonetheless, there are both government-led ceremonies and cultural events held each year to celebrate it.