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Father's Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Kenya

Father’s Day in Kenya is celebrated on the third Sunday in June like much of the rest of the world. It is not a public holiday, but is generally a day of rest and family time due to always falling on the weekend.

202416 JunSunFather's Day
202515 JunSunFather's Day
202621 JunSunFather's Day
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Father’s Day is not so profit-oriented as in western countries. Here, it is more focused on the family and on simply letting your father know how much you love him. This may be done with a special card, gift or meal, a phone call home or travelling back to your home town to visit.

In many ways, Father’s Day is an American holiday that was first conceived and popularised there during the early twentieth century.

The cynical view of this holiday is that it was promoted in the US for purely commercial reasons along with the modern Mother’s Day which was also being popularised around the same time.

However, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day also became socially and commercially successful because they were inherently positive and sensible. Therefore, today it is a celebration that many families take seriously as an opportunity to let dads know that they are loved and valued.

Previous Years

202318 JunSunFather's Day
202219 JunSunFather's Day