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Africa Day

Africa Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Lesotho

Africa Day, also called African Liberation Day, is a multi-national holiday that commemorates the founding of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity) on 25 May, 1963. Africa Day is a public holiday in certain countries, including in Lesotho.

202425 MaySatAfrica Day
202525 MaySunAfrica Day
202625 MayMonAfrica Day
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Even though the African Union superseded the OAU in 2002, 25 May remains the date of Africa Day, which celebrates the unity, culture, achievements, and progress of African nations.

A conference of African states that were independent and had recently escaped the yoke of colonialism, took place in Ghana on 15 April 1958. The date 15 April then became Africa Freedom Day. Then, on 25 May 1963, the OAU was formed in a second major conference of free African states, and 25 May became African Liberation Day, or just “Africa Day” for short.

In Lesotho, 25 May is also sometimes referred to as Heroes’ Day, a name meant to celebrate the heroism of those who fought for and secured freedom for Lesotho and other African states.

Previous Years

202325 MayThuAfrica Day
202225 MayWedAfrica Day