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Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Liberia

Every 11 February is Armed Forces Day in Liberia to show appreciation for the nation’s military, its members, its leaders, and its heroes.

202211 FebFriArmed Forces Day
202311 FebSatArmed Forces Day
202411 FebSunArmed Forces Day
12 FebMonArmed Forces Day Holiday
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Currently, Liberia’s armed forces consist of two main infantry battalions and various support units. At its creation in 1908, it was a mere 500-man-strong force called “Liberia Frontier Force” that was stationed at the nation’s borders to deter French, British, or other incursions.

But in 1956, the National Defence Law changed the name of Liberia’s military to simply “Armed Forces of Liberia” and also established Armed Forces Day as a public holiday.

Armed Forces Day in Liberia is a time when the president gives out various medals and other achievement awards to members of the nation’s military. The awards ceremony is the main centre of attention, but the military as a whole is also honoured, not just individual members singled out for recognition.

Previous Years

202111 FebThuArmed Forces Day
202011 FebTueArmed Forces Day
201911 FebMonArmed Forces Day
201811 FebSunArmed Forces Day
12 FebMonArmed Forces Day Holiday
201711 FebSatArmed Forces Day