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Fast and Prayer Day

Fast and Prayer Day 2025 and 2026 in Liberia

Fast and Prayer Day is held in Liberia on the second Friday of every April. This is a national public holiday in which all Liberians are called upon to pray for guidance, protection, and peace in their homeland.

202511 AprFriFast and Prayer Day
202610 AprFriFast and Prayer Day
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The day of fasting and prayer was originally enacted by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the then-sitting parliament in the early 1800’s. It was originally a specifically Christian holiday. But today, people of all religious faiths are encouraged to participate.

The fast begins officially at 8pm and runs through till 12 noon of the following day, but sometimes, people will fast and pray the whole week long. They will meet in places of worship, some will wear sackcloth and ashes like in the Bible, and focus in prayer on the needs of their country.

Participating in Fast and Prayer Day is not mandatory, but it is consistent with the beliefs of Liberia’s founding fathers. And, in fact, most businesses and public buildings will close for the day.

Also realise that additional days or weeks of fasting and prayer, aside from the official holiday, can be called by those in the national government during times of national crisis.

Previous Years

202412 AprFriFast and Prayer Day
202314 AprFriFast and Prayer Day