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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Liberia

The fact that Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in Liberia certainly has American roots, but in Liberia, the holiday falls on the first rather than the final Thursday of November.

20232 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20247 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20256 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20265 NovThuThanksgiving Day
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The freed black slaves from the US who colonised Liberia began celebrating Thanksgiving in their new home as early as the 1880’s. In Liberia, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the harvest season as well as to attend special church services and give thanks to God for all of His abundant blessings on oneself, one’s family, and the whole nation.

When Thanksgiving Day arrives, Liberians flock to churches and other places of worship. Farmers bring some of the fruit from their recent harvest to church and then hold a fresh produce auction at the end of the service. After church, there are family gatherings and celebrations in homes, though they are not as big as those typically held in the US.

Thanksgiving in Liberia isn’t “Turkey Day” like in the US. It’s not primarily even “Family Day”. It’s a time to focus on thanking God for all His blessings, and especially for a free country to live in.

Previous Years

202224 NovThuThanksgiving Day
202125 NovThuThanksgiving Day
202026 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20197 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20181 NovThuThanksgiving Day
20172 NovThuThanksgiving Day