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William V.S. Tubman's Birthday

William V.S. Tubman’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Liberia

Each 29 November, Liberians remember William Vacanarat Shadrach Tubman, their nineteenth president and the man who led in ending the segregation policy that set “Americo-Liberians” over “natives”.

202429 NovFriWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
202529 NovSatWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
202629 NovSunWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
30 NovMonWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday Holiday
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William Tubman was president of Liberia from 1944 until he died in 1971. He was Liberia’s longest serving president and also probably the nation’s most beloved past president.

Born on 29 November in 1895, William Tubman had a disciplined upbringing, a high school education, and a seminary education. He also served in Liberia’s military, took part in a number of military operations, and gain a hard-earned promotion to become an officer. Later, he became a political leader in the “True Whig” Party.

In 1943, he ran for president of Liberia and won. He took office in January of 1944. He is famous for ending the “Liberian Apartheid”. But Tubman also did much to help Liberia economically, attracting investors from overseas who helped improve the nation’s infrastructure and develop its rubber and iron ore industry.

William Tubman’s over quarter century in office became a “golden age” in Liberia’s history, and he is remembered today as the “Father of Modern Liberia”. William V.S. Tubman’s Birthday every 29 November is kept to honour him and remember his achievements that benefited Liberia.

Previous Years

202329 NovWedWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
202229 NovTueWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
202129 NovMonWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
202029 NovSunWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
30 NovMonWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday Holiday
201929 NovFriWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
201829 NovThuWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday
201729 NovWedWilliam V.S. Tubman's Birthday