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Women's Day

Women’s Day 2025 and 2026 in Madagascar

In Madagascar, the global observance of International Women’s Day has achieved local status with the annual Women’s Day public holiday. It is celebrated every 8 March and is meant to promote the equality and empowerment of women.

20258 MarSatWomen's Day *
20268 MarSunWomen's Day *
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Note: Women’s Day is a holiday observed by women only.

In Madagascar, most women get Women’s day off from work, while men do not. There are special events and carnivals set up for mostly women to attend, and there are parades in both the cities and in the rural regions of the country. Women may dance in the streets of small villages, while others take part in demonstrations and protests in the big cities.

The constitution of Madagascar guarantees equal rights for women, such as the right to own property and have equal opportunity when applying for jobs or for college enrolment. However, there are parts of the country where such laws are disregarded routinely. And the legal marriage age for women is 14, which is far lower than that for men. Thus, there is room for more progress, and Women’s Day is the notable day of the year when a big push for such progress is made.

Previous Years

20248 MarFriWomen's Day *
20238 MarWedWomen's Day *