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Throne Day

Throne Day 2019 and 2020 in Morocco

In the Kingdom of Morocco, every 30 July is Throne Day, also called “Feast of the Throne”. It is a day on which Moroccans celebrate the ascension to the throne of their current king, Mohammed VI.

201930 JulTueThrone Day
202030 JulThuThrone Day

The date of Throne Day moves with each new monarch since they each generally ascend the throne on a different date. For example, the previous king, Hassan II, had his Throne Day on 3 March; and his predecessor, Mohammed V, had Throne Day on 18 November.

However, the date of Mohammed VI becoming king is not exactly the same as his enthronement date. He was king when his father died on 23 July, 1999, but 30 July of that same year was the date of his enthronement ceremony.

On Throne Day, there are many official and popular celebrations throughout the country. It is a day of pride in the nation’s independence, culture, and monarchy.