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Family Day

Family Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Namibia

December 26 is designated as Family Day in Namibia. It is a public holiday, which means time off work and school and extra time to spend with family.

202426 DecThuFamily Day
202526 DecFriFamily Day
202626 DecSatFamily Day
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Family Day in Namibia is also meant to focus on the importance of remembering one’s ancestors – the family that is no longer with you in this world. And it’s meant to encourage appreciation of the culture of Namibia, which more or less connects with Family Day in that the whole nation is viewed as something like one big, super-extended family.

As Family Day immediately follows Christmas Day, it creates a multi-day holiday period and it gives people a chance to recoup and recover after Christmas festivities. In many other countries, the day after Christmas is called “Boxing Day”, but in Namibia it’s family rather than boxed up gifts that get the attention!

Previous Years

202326 DecTueFamily Day
202226 DecMonFamily Day