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Workers’ Day

Workers’ Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Namibia

Namibia celebrates Workers’ Day on 1 May. This is just Labour Day with a slightly different name and is observed in much the same way as in other countries of the world.

20231 MayMonWorkers' Day
20241 MayWedWorkers' Day
20251 MayThuWorkers' Day
20261 MayFriWorkers' Day
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On 4 May, it’s another holiday called Cassinga Day. As this is also a day off for the workers of Namibia, it’s often possible to get a four-day weekend if the holidays land just right. Or, some may simply take off the two intervening days regardless.

For Workers’ Day, the president of the country gives a much-anticipated speech. He emphasises progress made in the past in regard to labour reforms and highlights points where additional change is still needed.

Previous Years

20221 MaySunWorkers' Day
2 MayMonWorkers' Day Holiday
20211 MaySatWorkers' Day
20201 MayFriWorkers' Day
20191 MayWedWorkers' Day
20181 MayTueWorkers' Day
20171 MayMonWorkers' Day