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Republic Day

Republic Day 2021, 2022 and 2023 in Niger

Niger celebrates Republic Day on 18 December as a national public holiday commemorating the founding of its republican form of government in 1958.

202118 DecSatRepublic Day
202218 DecSunRepublic Day
202318 DecMonRepublic Day
202418 DecWedRepublic Day
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It may be surprising to some to learn that Niger became a republic even before it became an independent nation. A degree of autonomy concerning local matters was granted in 1958 along with the right to establish a republic and have their own president and constitution, but Niger was still a part of “The French Community” as it was then called.

Republic Day became a public holiday in Niger in 2005. Government offices and many businesses are closed for the day, and many people get off work or out of school to celebrate. Niger’s flag, with its bold orange and green, is on public display for Republic Day on many public buildings and private homes. There are many politicians who give patriotic speeches on this day as well.

At home, people often have a party and invite friends and relatives. Music concerts, sports matches, art exhibits, a National Youth Festival, and other special events are also scheduled for Republic Day each year.

Previous Years

202018 DecFriRepublic Day
201918 DecWedRepublic Day
201818 DecTueRepublic Day
201718 DecMonRepublic Day