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National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day 2025 and 2026 in Rwanda

Every 1 February is National Heroes Day in Rwanda to remember numerous officially designated national heroes who lost their lives in the cause of their country.

20251 FebSatNational Heroes Day
3 FebMonNational Heroes Day Holiday
20261 FebSunNational Heroes Day
2 FebMonNational Heroes Day Holiday
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A large proportion of Rwanda’s national heroes are those who were killed during the infamous Rwandan Genocide of 1994, when a government supported mass slaughter of Tutsis by Hutus occurred. Between 500,000 and a million people died in the genocide.

Additionally, the fallen soldier laid in the Rwandan Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is also an official national hero, who represents all of those who died in the effort to overthrow the bloody Hutu regime.

And there are others who are on the heroes roll or who are being added to the list from year to year, as people from the past are identified who suffered and died for the peace and freedom of Rwanda.

A wreath laying ceremony takes place at the Heroes Mausoleum every National Heroes Day, which the president of Rwanda and other important officials attend.

Previous Years

20241 FebThuNational Heroes Day
20231 FebWedNational Heroes Day