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Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day

Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day 2025 and 2026 in Rwanda

Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day every 7 April is a day dedicated to the memory of some 500,000 to 1 million Rwandans who were butchered mercilessly during the genocide of 1994. Due to the solemn nature of this memorial day, it is the only public holiday that is not replaced on a working day if 7 April falls on a weekend.

20257 AprMonTutsi Genocide Memorial Day
20267 AprTueTutsi Genocide Memorial Day
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Mostly those of Tutsi ancestry, but also some Hutus who rejected the extremist positions being espoused at the time, were murdered in 1994 in Rwanda across the space of around three months. One church in the town of Nyamata, which is now a memorial, was the site of thousands of such killings. And that is but one among numerous examples.

To Rwanda, the 1994 genocide was a veritable “smaller scale Holocaust” that everyone would like to forget ever happened, but no one dares. To forget the lessons of history is to doom ourselves to repeat them. Tutsi Genocide Memorial Day is one tool to help people to never forget.

All who wish to remember the atrocities of 1994 observe the day – not only in Rwanda but around the world with the United Nations observance of this memorial day, which also falls on 7 April. In Rwanda, there are candle light memorial services, moments of silence for the victims, speeches, exhibits, conferences all dedicated to the remembrance of those who died.

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20247 AprSunTutsi Genocide Memorial Day
20237 AprFriTutsi Genocide Memorial Day