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Queen's Birthday
Saint Helena

Queen’s Birthday 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Saint Helena

As a British Overseas Territory, Saint Helena celebrates the Queen’s Birthday each year, with the holiday falling on the third Monday of June.

202220 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202319 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202417 JunMonQueen's Birthday
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The placing of the holiday on a Monday was designed to create an extra-long weekend, while the June date was adopted because the Queen’s official birthday is celebrated in June in the United Kingdom. However, it should be noted that Queen Elizabeth II’s actual birth date is 21 April. The June date in the UK was chosen because there was more likelihood of good weather during celebrations.

On this day, banks and government services close down, as do schools and many private businesses. There are some special speeches, a flag-hoisting ceremony, and a few other official events. The island’s governor will host a “garden party”, and an invitation to this event is considered especially cordial.

Previous Years

202121 JunMonQueen's Birthday
202015 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201917 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201818 JunMonQueen's Birthday
201719 JunMonQueen's Birthday