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Independence Day

Independence Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Somalia

Each 26 June is Independence Day in Somalia, while 1 July is Republic Day. This, combined with the existence of Somaliland Sovereignty Day on 18 May makes for a rather complex situation, but we hope to bring some clarity to that momentarily.

202326 JunMonIndependence Day
202426 JunWedIndependence Day
202526 JunThuIndependence Day
202626 JunFriIndependence Day
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The region along the horn of Africa, inhabited by the Somali people for centuries, was a hub of trade and a wealthy, important region. Then, it was divided between British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland during the Scramble For Africa in the 19th Century. After World War II, however, the British half of Somalia became independent on 26 June, 1960. This is the date for the Independence Day of the whole country, oddly enough. Today, that same half of the country is semi-autonomous and vying for full independence from Somalia, and Somaliland Sovereignty Day commemorates the day in 1991 when they declared themselves independent.

But it gets even more complicated. Five days after British Somaliland became independent, it joined Italian Somaliland, which became independent that same day, to form modern Somalia. But even though Somalia was formed, or at least reunited, on 1 July, 1 July is called Republic Day rather than Independence Day.

Previous Years

202226 JunSunIndependence Day
202126 JunSatIndependence Day
202026 JunFriIndependence Day
201926 JunWedIndependence Day
201826 JunTueIndependence Day
201726 JunMonIndependence Day