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Eid al-Hajj

Eid al-Hajj 2020 and 2021 in Tanzania

Eid al-Hajj, the most important of all Islamic festivals, is a public holiday in Tanzania. The date of the holiday moves each year on the Gregorian calendar.

202031 JulFriEid al-Hajj
202120 JulTueEid al-Hajj

Tanzania is 60 percent Christian and 35 percent Muslim. Nearly all the island of Zanzibar is Muslim, and the country was formed when mainland Tanganyika and the island-state of Zanzibar united to form Tanzania just after the close of the colonial period.

The biggest Eid al-Hajj celebrations take place in Zanzibar Town, but there are animal sacrifices and mosque services for Eid al-Hajj along the heavily Muslim coast of Tanganyika and elsewhere throughout Tanzania as well.

Eid al-Hajj is a time of family gatherings, feasts, jubilation, and reflection on the meaning of obedience to Allah to Muslims all over Tanzania.