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Nane Nane

Nane Nane 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Tanzania

The people of Tanzania celebrate Nane Nane Day each 8 August. The name “Nane Nane” means “eight eight” and refers to the holiday’s occurrence on the eight day of the eighth month of the year.

20248 AugThuNane Nane
20258 AugFriNane Nane
20268 AugSatNane Nane
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Nane Nane is also sometimes called “Farmers’ Day”. It’s a time when the contribution of farmers and all involved in agriculture of all kinds throughout Tanzania are appreciated.

A week-long national Nane Nane Day fair takes place each year, but the location varies and rotates. And there are seven regional level fairs for Nane Nane that are put on simultaneous to the national fair. The fairs start on 1 August and run till 8 August, Nane Nane Day itself.

Not only are agricultural products put on display at the fairs, along with farm technologies and innovations of numerous agricultural companies, but there are also abundant food stands and marketplaces set up.

People will peruse the local Nane Nane fair with friends and family, investigating the products and technologies on display. They will stop off to buy fabrics, household goods, and souvenirs along the way. And they’ll also grab a bite to eat. One of the most popular Nane Nane Day foods is called “chips mayai”, and consists of fried potatoes with an egg thrown over them.

Previous Years

20238 AugTueNane Nane
20228 AugMonNane Nane
20218 AugSunNane Nane
20208 AugSatNane Nane
20198 AugThuNane Nane
20188 AugWedNane Nane
20178 AugTueNane Nane