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Martyrs’ Day

Martyrs’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Togo

Togo observes Martyrs’ Day on 21 June as a day dedicated to cherishing the memory of those who have died in the long struggle for the independence and freedom of the land of Togo.

202421 JunFriMartyrs' Day
202521 JunSatMartyrs' Day
202621 JunSunMartyrs' Day
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The harsh history of Togo began to develop in modern times when the slave trade came to Togo’s coast in the 1500s. This region soon gained the nickname “Slave Coast” for obvious reasons.

By 1905, Germany had taken firm control over Togoland, but the colony was lost to the British and French after World War I. The western part of Togoland became part of modern Ghana, while the eastern section became today’s Togo. Togo was under French rule for decades but finally gained independence in 1960. A series of coups and dictatorships followed, with the worse one being the last under President Gnassingbe who is said to have killed many thousands of his own people.

Martyrs’ Day is not based on a single person or event but attempts to honour all of the many heroes who fought for a better Togo throughout the history of the country. There are military parades and other events scheduled for Martyrs’ Day that seek to bring attention to Togo’s national heroes and the sacrifices they made for freedom.

Previous Years

202321 JunWedMartyrs' Day
202221 JunTueMartyrs' Day
202121 JunMonMartyrs' Day
202021 JunSunMartyrs' Day
201921 JunFriMartyrs' Day
201821 JunThuMartyrs' Day
201721 JunWedMartyrs' Day