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Africa Day

Africa Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Zambia

Africa Day is a holiday in Zambia and some other African nations every 25 May. The day celebrates the founding of what is today called the African Union, but originally was called the Organisation for African Unity, which was founded on 25 May 1963.

202225 MayWedAfrica Day
202325 MayThuAfrica Day
202425 MaySatAfrica Day
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In Zambia, Africa Day is the occasion of major celebration. A stately wreath laying ceremony is held in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city, where the president and other high-ranking officials lay down a wreath on the Freedom Statue, a symbol of the sacrifice of Zambia’s people who fought and died to liberate the country from British colonial rule.

Zambia was one of the earliest nations on the African continent to gain full independence, and it has been a leader in African unity movements from that day till this.

Previous Years

202125 MayTueAfrica Day
202025 MayMonAfrica Day
201925 MaySatAfrica Day
201825 MayFriAfrica Day
201725 MayThuAfrica Day