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Youth Day

Youth Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Zambia

Zambia celebrates Youth Day every 12 March to remember the contribution of the nation’s youth to Zambian society. Zambia has a very large youth population, and many of them live in dire poverty. Thus, there is also a focus on helping youth overcome economic and social obstacles on Youth Day in Zambia.

202312 MarSunYouth Day
13 MarMonYouth Day Holiday
202412 MarTueYouth Day
202512 MarWedYouth Day
202612 MarThuYouth Day
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Many government and social action organisations will organise youth events like marches, sports matches and numerous other activities. There will also be many speeches and calls for political action to help the nation’s youth.

Zambia is not alone in having a special youth day. The UN International Youth Day is on 12 August and is celebrated in numerous countries in Africa and worldwide. But Zambians show a special emphasis on this day and typically see highly motivated young people from all walks of life participating and engaging in social and political causes on their Youth Day.

Every year, Youth Day in Zambia has a different theme designed to connect to the times and challenge youth to rise above their circumstances. And every year, droves of young people flood the streets in parades and all manner of other youth-focused events.

Previous Years

202212 MarSatYouth Day
202112 MarFriYouth Day
202012 MarThuYouth Day
201912 MarTueYouth Day
201812 MarMonYouth Day
201712 MarSunYouth Day
13 MarMonYouth Day Holiday