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Algeria Public Holidays

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Algeria currently celebrates nine official public holidays each year. National holidays are regulated under law n63/278 published July 26, 1963. There have been a few updates to this law over the years. This law establishes the nine official holidays that are currently celebrated and authorises the president to enact or detract any holidays at their discretion.

Any changes to the holidays are published in the General Publication. Because a majority of the holidays celebrated in Algeria are based on the Muslim faith, dates will vary each year. Muslim holidays are based on the lunar cycle and vary by date. The government announces the holidays for the following year at the end of December.

Labour laws in Algeria require that all workers are paid for national holidays and given the day off from work. If the job requires that an employee work on the national holiday, they must be paid overtime for their work instead of straight time or they must be given a different paid day off to make up for the missed holiday.

Several of the holidays in Algeria are celebrated over a two or three day period. The government requires that all businesses acknowledge these holidays and pay their employees according to the law.

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