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Islamic New Year

Islamic New Year 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Algeria

Islamic New Year is a public holiday in Algeria. It takes places on the first day of the first month Muharram on the Islamic calendar.

20247 JulSunIslamic New Year
202526 JunThuIslamic New Year
202616 JunTueIslamic New Year
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The date of first day of (Awal) Muharram varies on the Gregorian Calendar since the Islamic Calendar is lunar-based and has only 354 days.

The Islamic Calendar is known as the Hijri Calendar, and the first month of Muharram marks the moment in history when Muhammad fled from Mecca to Medina in C.E. 622. This trip is known as the “Hijira”, hence the “Hijri Calendar”.

On Awal Muharram, Algeria’s Muslims will attend mosque, pray, and spend time with family. It is generally a day off work for people across the country.

Previous Years

202319 JulWedIslamic New Year
202230 JulSatIslamic New Year