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Revolution Day

Revolution Day 2019 and 2020

In Algeria, 1 November is Revolution Day to remember the initial outburst of revolution against the French colonial rulers in 1954. Specifically, 1 November, 1954, was the date of the first successful attack on French targets in Algeria.

20191 NovFriRevolution Day
20201 NovSunRevolution Day

The National Liberation Front was formed in 1954 from smaller liberation movements in the Algerian rural interior region. Attacks were launched on the more developed and “Francophone” coastal zone. All-out guerrilla warfare ensued, and many died on both sides of the conflict.

On 18 March, 1962, the French finally came to terms and signed the “Evian Accords”. Before long, a vote was allowed on the issue of independence, and it passed overwhelmingly.