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Burundi Public Holidays

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The Republic of Burundi is a Central East African nation that currently celebrates 13 national holidays. The president of Burundi reserves the right to declare additional national non-working holidays during the year if necessary. It is very common for the government of Burundi to declare election days as non-working holidays to encourage more people to vote.

National holidays are regulated under Decree 100-182 published in the National Register on July 27, 2006. This decree overrides any and all previous decrees. In addition to this decree, employer obligations are regulated under the Burundi Labour Code.

The Labour Code requires that all employers provide employees with a day off from work for national holidays. It is assumed that employees are only paid for this day off if it is stated in their work contract. There are no official laws that can be currently conformed if businesses are required to pay. It is believed that all government workers receive pay for national holidays in addition to their day off.

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