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Labour Day

Labour Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Burundi

Every 1 May is Labour Day in Burundi and a national public holiday. It is a welcome day off work for Burundi’s labour force and a chance to enjoy the outdoors and extra time with family and friends.

20231 MayMonLabour Day
20241 MayWedLabour Day
20251 MayThuLabour Day
20261 MayFriLabour Day
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Labour Day began as a day for protesting and demanding better working conditions, the eight-hour day, and other benefits for workers. Today, however, it is more about recreation, relaxation, and celebration of the accomplishments of the nation’s workforce.

As Burundi has a heavily agricultural economy, producing things like coffee, tea, cotton, corn, and sorghum. Labour Day, therefore, puts the focus on farming communities and their traditional ways.

Previous Years

20221 MaySunLabour Day
2 MayMonLabour Day Holiday
20211 MaySatLabour Day
20201 MayFriLabour Day
20191 MayWedLabour Day
20181 MayTueLabour Day
20171 MayMonLabour Day