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Independence Day
Cape Verde

Independence Day 2019 and 2020

Every 5 July is Independence Day in Cape Verde. This public holiday celebrates the freedom of Cape Verde from Portuguese rule on 5 July, 1975.

20195 JulFriIndependence Day
20205 JulSunIndependence Day

The human history of Cape Verde began with the islands’ discovery and colonisation by Portugal in the 1400’s. Up until that time, the islands were uninhabited. During the 1500’s, Cape Verde became a stop-off point in the African slave trade, and many slaves were also brought to live on the islands.

By the 1800’s, hard times fell on the islands, and the economy crashed. And this situation continued for many years. After World War II, Cape Verde’s people began to demand independence, but this too would be a long struggle.

At first, Cape Verde and Portuguese Guinea fought together for independence from Portugal. In 1972, continental Guinea escaped foreign rule, while Cape Verde struggled on. But after a revolution in Portugal itself in 1974, Cape Verde finally was given its freedom in 1975.