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Youth Day
Cape Verde

Youth Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Cape Verde

Youth Day is held every 1 June in Cape Verde, even though the UN observance of International Youth Day is 12 August and youth days in other countries may be made to correspond to the international day.

20221 JunWedYouth Day
20231 JunThuYouth Day
20241 JunSatYouth Day
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In Cape Verde, a large percentage of the population is under the age of 18, and the future of the country is very much in the hands of its youth. Youth Day is a time when awareness campaigns against child abuse, youth addiction to drugs and alcohol, violations of human rights, and more are promoted by the nation’s young people.

There may be youth marches, youth conferences where pressing issues are discussed, literature distribution drives at beaches and marketplaces, youth sporting competitions, and a host of other events going on throughout Cape Verde on Youth Day.

Each year’s slogan will vary, but many people always get involved and try to have a positive impact for the nation’s young people and for the country’s whole future.

Previous Years

20211 JunTueYouth Day
20201 JunMonYouth Day
20191 JunSatYouth Day
20181 JunFriYouth Day
20171 JunThuYouth Day