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Assumption Day
Central African Republic

Assumption Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Central African Republic

Assumption Day is also known as the Feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and is observed every 15 August in Central African Republic. Assumption Day celebrates the day when, according to Catholic tradition and doctrine, the Virgin Mary was assumed bodily into Heaven.

202415 AugThuAssumption Day
202515 AugFriAssumption Day
202615 AugSatAssumption Day
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Around 30 percent of the population of the Central African Republic identify as Roman Catholic. This segment of the population celebrates the Assumption of Mary Day with great enthusiasm each year, while the remainder of the people may simply use the holiday as “just another day off”.

Pope Pius XII declared the doctrine of the assumption of Mary in 1950, the doctrine of her immaculate conception having been declared in 1854. The idea that Mary was born without original sin and never sinned is closely linked with the assumption because the assumption is said to have prevented her body from seeing corruption. A sinless body such as hers, it is reasoned, could not die or decay.

Catholics honour Mary as “The Mother of God” because she gave birth to Jesus Christ. After being assumed into Heaven, she is believed to have received a glorified body like that of Jesus. She is called the Mother of the Church and the New Eve as well.

Previous Years

202315 AugTueAssumption Day
202215 AugMonAssumption Day