Independence Day 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Each year on 30 June, the Democratic Republic of Congo celebrates its independence from Belgium which took place in 1960.

202330 JunFriIndependence Day
202430 JunSunIndependence Day
202530 JunMonIndependence Day
202630 JunTueIndependence Day
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In 1908, under global pressure, Belgium occupied what was then known as Congo Free State as a form of settlement from Great Britain. It became known as Belgian Congo and was governed by an administration appointed by the Belgian government. Protests, heavy-handed oppressive violence by the Belgian authorities, and a successfully boycotted sham election in 1959 resulted in the country gaining independence the following year.

Parades of the military are broadcast on television each Independence Day and there are many films shown that are dedicated to DR Congo’s independence. Many of the films depict how people lost their lives battling for freedom and to achieve fundamental rights citizens of other countries enjoyed.

Previous Years

202230 JunThuIndependence Day
202130 JunWedIndependence Day
202030 JunTueIndependence Day
201929 JunSatIndependence Day Holiday
30 JunSunIndependence Day
201830 JunSatIndependence Day
201730 JunFriIndependence Day