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National Day

National Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Djibouti

National Day in Djibouti takes place on 27 June, the anniversary of Djibouti’s declaring independence from France back in 1977. Sometimes, National Day is also called “Independence Day” in Djibouti.

202227 JunMonNational Day
28 JunTueNational Day Holiday
202327 JunTueNational Day
28 JunWedNational Day Holiday
202427 JunThuNational Day
28 JunFriNational Day Holiday
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The French first entered what is now Djibouti in 1862, and by 1894 they had taken over the entire territory and made it the colony of “French Somaliland”. In 1960, the neighbouring colonies of British and Italian Somaliland gained independence and united to form modern Somalia. But Djibouti chose to remain with France.

In 1967, again Djibouti voted to remain under France, but this time with greater internal self-rule. Finally, in 1977, the people voted overwhelmingly for full independence but not for union with Somalia.

On National Day you will see store fronts decorated with painted-on flags of Djibouti, and there will be festive events all over the country.

Previous Years

202127 JunSunNational Day
28 JunMonNational Day Holiday
202027 JunSatNational Day
28 JunSunNational Day Holiday
201927 JunThuNational Day
28 JunFriNational Day Holiday
201827 JunWedNational Day
28 JunThuNational Day Holiday
201727 JunTueNational Day
28 JunWedNational Day Holiday