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Djibouti Public Holidays

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The Republic of Djibouti currently celebrates 10 national holidays. Many of the holidays in Djibouti are multi-day celebrations. A majority of the holidays celebrated are based on the Muslim faith. Some of these holidays will change in date each year because their official date is determined by the lunar cycle.

National holidays in Djibouti are regulated by articles 77 -609 published on December 17, 1977. All national decrees are published by the government. At this time, official documents are not accessible on the Internet.

The Republic of Djibouti requires that all employers provide employees with a paid day off for national holidays. For employees that are required to work on a holiday because of the type of job they perform, employees must either be given premium pay for their work at the rate of time and one half per hour, or given a different day off with pay n lieu of the missed holiday. The government also requires that employers acknowledge and pay for multi-day celebrations.

Friday is considered the only weekend day in Djibouti. While there are no official publications stating that holidays that occur on this day can be moved to the next work day, the government often moves holiday celebrations to the next following work day. This is not guaranteed and does not occur for every type of holiday.

It should also be noted that it is not unusual for the government of Djibouti to declare a national non-working paid holiday for special events within the government, such as Inauguration Day or Voting days. These holidays are announced by government decree a few weeks before the event.

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