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Constitution Day
Equatorial Guinea

Constitution Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea celebrates its Constitution Day every 15 August. This is to commemorate the adoption of their constitution in 1982, even though there have been some modifications due to the adoption of a new constitution in 1991.

202415 AugThuConstitution Day
202515 AugFriConstitution Day
202615 AugSatConstitution Day
17 AugMonConstitution Day Holiday
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Equatorial Guinea was a Spanish colonial possession for centuries, but it gained its independence in 1968. Years of turmoil and dictatorial rule followed. The 1982 constitution established a framework of government but also a single-party system. While multiple parties were allowed after the 1991 constitution, single-party rule is still basically the situation.

Essentially, the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea dominates the government. And although there is an elected assembly and a slate of cabinet posts, the president has by far the most power. The president is elected by the people to a term of seven years.

But despite the political problems in Equatorial Guinea, the people celebrate their national constitution, culture, and history every mid-August on Constitution Day.

Previous Years

202315 AugTueConstitution Day
202215 AugMonConstitution Day
202115 AugSunConstitution Day
16 AugMonConstitution Day Holiday
202015 AugSatConstitution Day
201915 AugThuConstitution Day
201815 AugWedConstitution Day
201715 AugTueConstitution Day