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Martyr's Day

Martyr’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Eritrea

Martyr’s Day is a national public holiday in Eritrea. It comes every 20 June and is designed to honour the memory of those who died in the three-decades-long Eritrean War For Independence. Along with Independence Day and Revolution Day, Martyr’s Day forms the triumvirate of Eritrean patriotic holidays.

202420 JunThuMartyrs' Day
202520 JunFriMartyrs' Day
202620 JunSatMartyrs' Day
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Eritrea had long been a part of the Ethiopian Empire but was colonised by Italy beginning in 1890. The UK seized it from Italy during World War II, and the UN then federated it to Ethiopia. Eritreans were dissatisfied with this arrangement and started up a revolution in 1961. It took until 1991 to achieve the sought-after independence.

Around 150,000 Eritrean soldiers and civilians were killed during the war in the cause of independence. Martyr’s Day honours their sacrifice and functions much like Memorial Day or Armistice Day does in Western Countries. There are many mourning processions around Eritrea, along with special remembrance ceremonies. National Martyr’s Park in the capital city of Asmara is the centre of the observances.

Previous Years

202320 JunTueMartyrs' Day
202220 JunMonMartyrs' Day
202120 JunSunMartyrs' Day
202020 JunSatMartyrs' Day
201920 JunThuMartyrs' Day
201820 JunWedMartyrs' Day
201720 JunTueMartyrs' Day